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Which Scent Are You?

Get ready to discover your olfactory soulmate! This quiz will use your preferences to unveil the fragrance family that best reflects your unique personality. So, take a deep breath and let's begin!

1. Imagine yourself waking up on a crisp morning. What's the first scent that invigorates your senses?

(a) The zesty aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

(b) The calming scent of rain on dewy grass.

(c) The sweet and floral fragrance of blooming lilies.

(d) The warm, earthy scent of a crackling fireplace.

2. You're planning a weekend getaway. Which destination most excites you?

(a) A vibrant city with bustling markets and hidden alleyways.

(b) A serene beach with calming waves and endless sand dunes.

(c) A charming countryside retreat surrounded by rolling hills and fragrant lavender fields.

(d) A luxurious mountain cabin with breathtaking views and fresh pine-scented air.

3. Pick the word that best describes your personality:

(a) Energetic and optimistic.

(b) Peaceful and introspective.

(c) Romantic and artistic.

(d) Sophisticated and adventurous.

4. What kind of music do you find yourself reaching for most often?

(a) Upbeat and energizing pop tunes.

(b) Calming and nature-inspired instrumentals.

(c) Soft and romantic melodies.

(d) Deep and evocative orchestral pieces.

5. You're choosing a candle for your home. Which scent appeals to you most?

(a) A citrusy and energizing blend like lemon and grapefruit.

(b) A calming and spa-like scent like lavender and chamomile.

(c) A floral and romantic blend like rose and jasmine.

(d) A warm and woody scent like sandalwood and cedarwood.

Tally your answers:

Mostly (a)'s: You're a Citrus scent! Zesty and invigorating, you bring a burst of sunshine wherever you go, much like the uplifting and energizing aromas found in citrus fruits. 

Mostly (b)'s: You're a Fresh scent! Calming and serene, you find peace in nature's simplicity, similar to the clean and airy notes often associated with rain, water, and green elements. 

Mostly (c)'s: You're a Floral scent! Romantic and artistic, you appreciate life's beauty and find inspiration in all things, mirroring the delicate and evocative notes of beautiful flowers.

Mostly (d)'s: You're a Woody scent! Sophisticated and adventurous, you possess an aura of mystery and intrigue, much like the deep and complex aromas of woods and spices.